November 30, 2023

Founded in 1898 in Cividale del Friuli, a charming UNESCO World Heritage town in a hilly area that boasts the highest number of indigenous grape varieties in Italy, DOMENIS® over the past 118 years has been able to combine tradition and innovation, producing distilled spirits and grappas of perfect harmony, capable of representing the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

DOMENIS1898 srl now combines the experience and passion of the fourth Domenis generation with a new, dynamic ownership and major projects of national and international scope, and – to the delight of connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs alike – already has a whole series of new, interesting products ready, the first of which will be presented at Vinitaly 2016.

Among the flagship offerings of the distillery, which boasts an 8-alembic discontinuous copper plant, are must-haves in the world of grappa such as Secolo, Blanc e Neri and Storica Nera-an emblem of perfection, an ever-fashionable classic that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year-and products of absolute appeal such as Futura, Sambuca and Amaro, capable of surprising even the youngest audience.
DOMENIS1898. Crystal clear tradition.

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