La Corte del Negromante Restaurant

May 22, 2024

Client: La Corte del Negromante Restaurant
Site Type: Multipage


Swiss Web Studio created a multi-page website for La Corte del Negromante Restaurant, located in the city’s oldest building, the historic Casa del Negromante. The restaurant is renowned for its culinary offerings that combine typical Swiss and Mediterranean dishes, prepared with first-rate ingredients and following traditional recipes.

Project Objectives:

  1. Representation of Tradition: Creating a design that reflects the historic setting and charm of the old building while maintaining a balance between tradition and modernity.
  2. Optimal User Experience: Ensure intuitive and smooth navigation through the different sections of the site, providing users with an engaging and informative experience.
  3. Promotion of Cuisine: Highlighting the restaurant’s signature dishes, emphasizing the use of high-quality ingredients and traditional Swiss and Mediterranean recipes.
  4. Ease of Reservation: Implement an easy-to-use online reservation system, allowing customers to reserve a table in just a few clicks.
  5. Complete Information: Provide complete and up-to-date details on menu, special events, hours of operation, and restaurant contacts.

Site Features:

  • Attractive Homepage: An attention-grabbing home page with high-resolution images of the restaurant and dishes, accompanied by a brief historical introduction.
  • Menu Section: A page devoted to the detailed presentation of the menu, with descriptions of dishes, ingredients used and prices.
  • Reservation System: A quick and easy integrated reservation form that allows customers to reserve a table directly from the site.
  • Photo Gallery: A gallery showing pictures of the restaurant, dishes and special events, highlighting the unique atmosphere and high culinary quality.
  • Contact Page: Complete contact information, including address, phone number, and an interactive map to make it easier for customers to arrive.
  • Blog/Events: A section devoted to news, special events, and promotions, keeping customers up-to-date on the restaurant’s activities.


The website created by Swiss Web Studio for La Corte del Negromante Restaurant received positive feedback for its elegant design and usability. The new platform has improved the restaurant’s online visibility, facilitated reservations, and helped strengthen the restaurant’s image as a benchmark for traditional Swiss and Mediterranean cuisine in the historic Necromancer’s House.

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