Patriziato Di Osogna

November 30, 2023

Greetings from President Luca Pellanda

It is with great pleasure that I extend my greetings to all the Patricians of Osogna, to all the citizens of the Municipality of Riviera and to all those who for one reason or another are about to visit our site. This new website was born out of the need to bring patrician and non-patrician citizens, sympathizers, nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts closer to our organization and the activities we promote, in order to maintain a constant update of our activities, proposals and needs.

A site, where you can easily find information about our facilities, our operations in the area and in our increasingly busy shelters during the warm season.

The Osogna Patriciate is one of the four patrician bodies that are part of the new Riviera Municipality. Financially sound, very active in forest care where he manages a large area of forest on the plain, a chestnut forest in Pönt and two plantations, he also maintains the trail network and preserves farmsteads on the alps. On May 11, 2011, with the ratification of the relevant Convention by the State Council of Canton Ticino, the Osogna Patriziato established the Osogna Valley Forest Reserve, which, bordering on that of Cresciano, with 1,519 hectares in total (Osogna 882, Cresciano 637) becomes one of the largest forest reserves on the territory of our Confederation.

In addition to the various works and artifacts we own on the plain and on the various alps, the pride of the Osogna Patriziato is our Valley simply called “the Val” by all citizens.

By visiting our site you will have a chance to see several peculiarities of our “Val,” and if you are a mountain lover, well trained and properly equipped, I invite you to visit for one or more days, a wild and unspoiled valley where, apart from a few targeted interventions, in the last 60 years the flora has been running its natural course.

I wish everyone good hiking in our “Val” remembering that the OFIBLE water intake in Biasca could cause a sudden increase in the water flow of the Nala stream.

Welcome to Osogna and enjoy your walk!

Luca Pellanda

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