Domain Management

The domain is managed for the client by Swiss Web Studio. The domain belongs to the customer and the customer has the right to transfer the domain at any time beyond any payment dispute. The domain does not include the Web Server or Email Server where, in case, there are outstanding payments, these cannot be transferred until the balance of the same.


All our services are protected by the highest degree of security and are regularly updated to keep up with changes. EV and DV SSL certificate included.


Back up all your data every 24h on servers physically located in another datacenter and maintained for 7 days. In case of need for recovery and restoration we will take care of it for you.


If your company is in Ticino, one of our technicians will personally come (for an extra fee) to your location to install email addresses on your computers and show you how they work. In case you are outside Ticino this support is done remotely.

Limitation of liability

a) The Client retains full ownership of the materials provided by him (by “materials” is meant, by way of non-exhaustive example: texts, logos, trademarks, images, audiovisuals, documents, graphs, diagrams, projects, etc.), whether they are also sensitive or personal, assuming all responsibility regarding their content and their management, with express exoneration of Swiss Web Studio from any responsibility and burden of ascertainment and/or control in this regard.

b) Swiss web Studio therefore, while endeavoring to ensure that this is not the case, cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the use of data, delivered and/or requested by the Client, which were, without the knowledge of Swiss Web Studio itself, covered by copyright.

c) Client uses the Services at its own risk, Swiss Web Studio shall not be liable to any party for legal/civil or administrative disputes, indirect, specific, incidental, punitive, cautionary or consequential damages (including but not limited to: damages in the event of inability to use or access the services, loss or corruption of data, profits, clientele, image damage, business interruption, or the like), caused by the use of or inability to use the services and based on any assumption of liability including breach of contract, negligence, or otherwise, even where Swiss Web Studio has been advised of the possibility of such damages and where a provision in this contract has failed to remedy.

d) Swiss Web Studio cannot be held responsible for brief malfunctions of services, caused by technical problems on servers, internet, hackers, etc.

e) Swiss Web Studio cannot guarantee the Client secure income from the exploitation of the services provided.

(f) If any limitation, exclusion, restriction, or other provision contained in this contract is held invalid for any reason whatsoever by an arbitrator or Forum of competent jurisdiction and Swiss Web Studio consequently becomes liable for loss or damage, such liability, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, shall not exceed the list price charged by Swiss Web Studio for the type of service sold.

(g) Swiss Web Studio guarantees complete discretion and confidentiality in handling sensitive client data.

(h) Swiss Web Studio reserves the right to suspend the service in case of serious delay in payment.

(i) Swiss Web Studio refrains from promoting activities that promise easy money, scams, or any kind of organized crime. Swiss Web Studio does not promote any activity that it considers harmful to society and the individuals who live in it.

(l) The penalty for early cancellation of the contract is 10% of its annual value.

(m) No refunds are made

(o) The figures for the volume of audiences reached by the promotional campaigns and which are reported in the contracts are estimated figures and may vary widely in excess or defect

m) The agreements contained in this section (3) are valid now and for all future agreements between the client and Swiss Web Studio, whether verbal or written.

Service packages

The minimum charge per service call is 20 minutes. Time spent on the phone with the customer and time spent administering hours on the care package is also counted as assistance.

Payment delays

In the event of extensive payment delays (more than 2 weeks) Swiss Web Studio reserves the right to suspend service, not only the service for which payment is overdue, but any service at Swiss Web Studio that Swiss Web Studio deems necessary to suspend in the event of excessive payment delays for any service.

Sensitive data

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Swiss Web Studio is committed to ensuring maximum confidentiality and protection of sensitive client data.

All information transmitted by clients to Swiss Web Studio is treated with the highest degree of care and discretion. We assure that such data will not, under any circumstances, be sold, transferred or disclosed to third parties of any nature or kind, thereby fulfilling our commitment to the protection of our users’ privacy.

The trust and security of our clients are of paramount importance to us, so we take all necessary measures to protect sensitive information entrusted to us.

Additional Notes on Terms and Conditions

Swiss Seb Studio reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

The customer agrees to the amount set forth in this contract and accepts this as an acknowledgement of debt pursuant to Art. 82 L.E.F, in the amount indicated above. In case the firm is in default, the person signing the contract likewise acknowledges the debt personally and on the same terms as the firm.

Hosting prices are subject to slight changes annually. These changes are made without the client being notified in advance. These changes without pre-notice cannot exceed 10% of the payment value. For changes greater than 10% the customer is notified in advance.

Hosting contracts automatically renew without notice. The customer can give cancellation at any time within 3 months after the automatic renewal of the same.

Online marketing advertising contracts also automatically renew but with notice from the consultant through phone call or personal contact. They can be terminated within 3 months of the renewal agreed upon with their advisor.

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