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Welcome to Swiss Web Studio, your trusted partner for advanced digital solutions. We are proud to announce our partnership with, offering the most innovative and comprehensive management system for beauty salons. Discover how our collaboration can transform your salon management and lead your business to success. Management: An Innovation for Your Salon management software is designed to optimize all of your salon’s operations, from online booking to inventory management to marketing analysis. Here’s how it can help you improve your business.

Agenda and Online Booking’s smart agenda allows your clients to easily book services directly from their smartphone, tablet or PC, without having to call the salon. This advanced system simplifies appointment management and provides a smooth and convenient customer experience.

Client Features:

  • Selection of services offered by the salon
  • Choice of preferred operator
  • Selection of available date and time
  • Sending the online reservation

Functionality for the Salon:

  • Creation of personalized services
  • Setting priorities for services
  • Management of duration, laying time, and assigned operators

Customer Management and Targeted Marketing

Efficient management of customer data is essential for targeted marketing. The management system allows you to record detailed information about each client, such as first name, last name, gender, phone number, email, and medical history. This allows you to offer personalized service and increase retention.

Customer History and Promotions

With a detailed data sheet, you can track the products and tools used, the type of hair, and the steps taken for each client. Customer history includes all receipts, outstanding payments and other crucial information, facilitating the creation and assignment of promotions, gift cards and subscriptions.

Customer Address Book and Inventory Management management software integrates a comprehensive customer address book, recording personal data for loyalty and marketing activities. In addition, the direct connection between the company and the salon automates warehouse management, keeping product lists up to date.

Creating and Managing Expenses

To keep your business profitable, it is essential to monitor, record and analyze all expenses. management software allows you to create expense categories and subcategories, helping you to make informed decisions and keep financial expenditures and income under control.

Analysis of Income and Expenses

With management software, you can monitor your salon’s income and expenses, analyze the average chip and margin, and learn about your clients’ consumption habits. Periodic analyses provide a complete picture of your business, enabling you to optimize financial management and increase profitability.

Communication and Marketing

An interactive website and careful management of SEO activity are crucial to success. Swiss Web Studio helps you set a monthly budget for Google sponsorship and keep your social pages updated with engaging content and periodic promotions.

WhatsApp integration

Use WhatsApp Business to confirm reservations, send reminders, thank-you notes, and request Google reviews. This tool improves communication with customers and increases customer satisfaction.

Landing Page and Performance Analysis landing pages capture consumer interest and ensure immediate and productive contact. Detailed performance analyses help you identify areas for improvement and optimize operational efficiency, increasing profitability and improving service quality.

Monitoring of Costs and Resources

Monitoring costs and resources is essential for effective financial management. management software allows you to assess average cost per cash pass-through and net operating margin, ensuring prudent expense management and overall financial health.


For more information about management and Swiss Web Studio services, contact us:

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Rely on Swiss Web Studio and management software to take the management of your beauty salon to a new level of efficiency and professionalism. Optimize your operations, build customer loyalty and achieve new success goals with our advanced solutions.


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